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Dachshund Pictures


These are the hotdogdog SHOWCASE winners 

from January 2002 - June 2002


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January 2002 Winner

This is Simone and she is cute as a bunny!

Submitted by Jacqueline Wagener of Holland

February 2002 Winner

This is Buddy at only 17 weeks old!

Submitted by Katherine Lamb of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

March 2002 Winner

DiDi loves to be warm and sometimes it gets her in trouble!

Submitted by Glen and Mary of Poway, California

April 2002 Winner

This is Simone's favorite outfit!

 Submitted by Jacqueline Wagener of Holland

May 2002 Winner

This is Patches!

 Born 3-12-01, Patches is a smooth mini dapple. Submitted by Jay Solomon.

June 2002 Winner

Bärbel is getting comfortable!

Submitted by Jacqueline Wagener of Holland

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